A new car for a family forever altered by a tragic shooting

A new car for a family forever altered by a tragic shooting
A mother and son were left with near-fatal injuries and a totaled vehicle after being involved in a shooting last year.  The aftermath has altered their life forever, but with God’s perfect timing and generous provision, Neighbors Who Care was able to deliver a long-awaited blessing in June…

June 2020 – Driving her son and his friend home that day from a family birthday party, the last thing the young mother expected was a car to pull up next to her at a red light and begin shooting at the passenger side of her car.

In the midst of the chaos, she realized that next to her in the passenger seat, her 14-year-old son was silent and non-responsive; frantically, she called out to his friend in the backseat and found that he, too, had been shot. Terrified, she floored the gas and sped away from their unknown assailants.  Her only thought was getting the boys to safety, so it wasn’t until she pulled into the emergency room that she discovered she had also been shot.


Thankfully, the mother’s injuries were only minor and she was able to make a full recovery. Her son and his friend had each been shot multiple times. While both boys survived and the friend ultimately regained his ability to walk, her son’s injuries were more severe. Sadly, at just 14 years of age he was left paralyzed from the chest down. His life has been forever altered by the violence of that day.

Life had already been a complicated for this mother before the shooting.  At the time of the shooting, she also had a baby girl in the hospital; the baby had been born 3 months early in March.  On the day after the shooting – amid all the chaos and uncertainly – the baby was discharged from the hospital.

Her poor mother was still healing, her brother was severely wounded, and the family now had no transportation because their car had been totaled in the shooting. In the many weeks and months that followed, various family members stepped up and generously loaned the use of their own vehicles, but the reality of the family’s circumstances was just incredibly difficult.

Once her son was sent home from the hospital, the mother had to quit her job – her only means of supporting her family – in order to give round-the clock care, handle countless appointments, and keep up with her son’s grueling physical therapy schedule – even now, a year later, he still has 6-hour sessions 4 days a week. And, too, she now has to oversee her son’s daily schoolwork because he remains fearful about life in KC and doesn’t want to return to his school in the Fall.  Money is very, very tight for this family now and there are simply no funds to purchase a car.


In October 2020, the family’s story and need was posted in CarePortal (tinyurl.com/nlcareportal).  Deeply moved, NWC quickly took the case and set about trying to find them a suitable vehicle.  As weeks passed and fall became winter, though, nothing really presented itself.  By the spring of 2021, we were becoming discouraged that we would ever be able to give her the good news we longed to have.

Then, in early May, a member of our church came forward to let us know he was getting a new car and…did we possibly have any use for his old one?  Of course, we said yes!

After that, God’s good provision just continued to roll forward like a river.  A church member who’d recently joined the NWC team had both car repair skills and time in his schedule so that in just under a month, and for just over $400, he was able to complete all the repairs the vehicle needed. In the final few days, he also secured the new title, changed the oil and filled up the tank before final hand-off.  Other NWC volunteers eagerly gave their time to clean the vehicle inside and out.  Finally, we had good news to deliver!

It took a bit of finessing around busy schedules to get a delivery date on the calendar…and, yet, even in this God revealed one last amazing bit of providence:  It turns out that when Pastor Don pulled up in the family’s driveway on June 6th – in the family’s new 2013 Ford Focus – without even realizing it, he was marking the exact one-year anniversary of the shooting.

Although the crime remains unsolved and their lives have forever been altered by what happened that day a year ago, the mother shed happy tears and rejoiced with Pastor Don over the blessings that have come forward since then:  family who have been supportive…friends and football players who have loyally stuck by her boy like true “brothers born for adversity” (Prov 17:17)…our church member who donated the car…and, lastly, all of us here who are truly blessed to be Neighbors Who Care.

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