A Gran Torino and a Lion

A Gran Torino and a Lion

When I was eight years old, our family took a road trip from St. Cloud, MN out to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington DC. It was such a fun vacation traveling in our mint-colored Gran Torino, visiting family, swinging on vines in the Appalachian Mountains, touring through Washington DC, experiencing a subway, swimming in the ocean, and visiting a safari.

I will never forget that I left my suitcase at our first stop. This meant getting some backup clothes from a yard sale, including a swimming suit that was dangerously large on me 😊. Because of this, I still double and triple-check for suitcases when we leave on a trip.

A favorite memory from this vacation was a visit to a drive-through Safari in New Jersey. I remember driving through and seeing the wild animals outside the window of our car. I remember giraffes and monkeys coming close to our car, however, I think the lions and tigers had some sort of fence in between….they wouldn’t risk an eight-year-old opening the door would they???

I vaguely remember being scared, but not too scared because I was protected by the Gran Torino.

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing a sermon about spiritual protection from John 17:11-19. Jesus is praying to His Father and asking for Him to protect the disciples while He goes to the cross. While Jesus was physically on earth, He protected the disciples. But now, as He prepares to go to the cross, Jesus asks the Father to protect them from the evil one.

This prayer for protection is still valid for you and me today. We live in a world where the evil one is very powerful and his attempts to destroy our lives are compared to a roaring lion attempting to destroy prey.

However, we have hope, because we have been promised protection. I look forward to sharing more this Sunday about Jesus’ prayer for our protection from the evil one. I know there will be plenty to encourage us in our faith journey.

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