Dave Robinson

Teaching Elder

Spouse:  Karen Robinson

Children:  Abbie, Dan, Kate; Rachel (daughter-in-law), JB and Adam (two sons-in-law) and two incredible grandkids – Jack, Claire

Occupation: Executive Director for City Leadership Networks with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ in the USA)

Where I Met My Spouse:  Myrtle Beach, SC

Where is home: I was born in Oklahoma City, OK, graduated from high school in Minneapolis, MN and raised my kids in Budapest, Hungary.  These are my homes.

Favorite Passage of Scripture: oh there are just too many

How I Met Christ: the night I was arrested for possession of marijuana (age 17), my dad led me to Christ.

Influences: my wife, kids & family, friends; mom, dad, Ross, Jane & Rusty; Club Confab-Budapest, Scott Neel, Gabor Gresz, Dan LaGue, Sam Ashkar – Rick Faust – Pat Richie; Leaders & Mentors: Bud Hinkson, Bill Bright, Dave English, Greg Sarensen & Mike Uno; Evangelism to Communist Lands, U.S. Center for World Missions, Jim Elliott; Jim Mugg; Raymer Matson, many authors,  missionaries, philosophers & theologians

Epic Moments: Sunset Sharks, The death of Mike, Kevin & Jon, THE EVENT on Feb. 22, 1974 (from Shady Oak Park to the MTKA Police Station to home), Mom & Dad’s Grace & Wisdom, Granddad’s regret, meeting Karen, Myrtle Beach Summer Project, the decision under the coat rack in the Olympic Village, Delta Tau Delta, the birth of each of my children, the year of darkness (1983), January 10, ’84, The Partnership Vision & WSN’s start, ESE ‘86 -89 in Hungary & Eastern Europe,  1988-89 “events”, KEGy – YTL – TJTS – Story of the Soul

Spare Time: date my wife, talk with my kids, read, travel, run, bike, hike

Books: The Bible, Any Classic Hymnal, Morning and Evening (Spurgeon), The Spirit of Christ (Andrew Murray), Mere Christianity (C S Lewis), Man Looks at the Cosmos (Vincent Cronin), Notes from the Underground (Dostoevsky), A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life (William Law), In the Shadow of the Almighty (Elizabeth Elliott), No Greater Love (Mother Teresa), Fearfully & Wonderfully Made (Paul Brand & Phillip Yancy), The Transferrable Concepts (Bill Bright), Tortured for Christ (Richard Wurmbrand), Prophetic Untimeliness (Os Guiness), These Strange Ashes (Elizabeth Elliott), The God who is There-Escape from Reason-He is There and is not Silent (Francis Schaeffer’s Trilogy), God is the Gospel (John Piper), As Far As the Curse is Found (Michael D. Williams)

Interesting Places: we’ve had the privilege of being career missionaries and church planters for over 35 years.  This has taken us to many places we’ve both lived, ministered in and sent teams. We lived in Budapest, Hungary for 18 years and seen God work in places like Tirana, Bangkok, Bangalore, Prague, London, Skopje, Bucharest, Belgrade, Krakow, St. Petersburg and more.

Music: Old Hymns, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Yes, Tracy Chapman, The Moody Blues, The Dead, Jackson Browne, Kings of Convenience, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Beethoven’s 9th, Pálhegyi Dávid, The Weepies, U2, Josh Garrels, Phil Keaggy, Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Clapton

Movies: Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Antoine Fisher, Awakenings, Steel Magnolias, Little Women, The Ideal Husband, About a Boy, Hook, Carnage

Food: Chicken Divan, Cashew Chicken Springfield Style, Guacamole, Fajitas

At Starbucks, I order a: bold, black coffee, tall w/ no room for anything else

Motivations: 1) That God be honored and enjoyed through people living in glad surrender to Him; 2) that all may be touched, taught, led and loved by Jesus Christ

Personal Motto: “He is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” (Jim Elliott)

Your role at New Life CityChurch: as Teaching Elder – teach the Word, connect others to Jesusprepare & empower leaders, mobilize for acts of faith & love, send to the world

Motivation: The Word of God, the Holy Spirit’s desires, Karen’s heart, Hungary-Eastern Europe-Russia, Cities, Missions, people seeking the truth



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