I hope you are looking forward to being involved in church tomorrow.  I have mentioned this before, but this is not a time to be a spectator.  Church is a time to be mentally involved in the worship of God.  In order to prepare your mind, I suggest spending time in personal prayer before coming and asking God to give you an open mind and a soft heart to hear and apply the Word of God.

Over the past two weeks we have seen the following from John 1:

The introduction of Jesus (1) Logos to Jew and Greek

The description of Jesus (2-5) Eternal and Personal

The testimony of Jesus (6-8) John the Baptist, Works, Father, Holy Spirit

The significance of Jesus (9) True light

The rejection of Jesus (10-11) His own did not receive Him

The reception of Jesus (12-13) Those who receive are sons…

These first thirteen verses have built to the climax we are going to read now in verses 14-18…

1. Christ’s Incarnation—”The word became flesh”: John 1:14.

2. Christ’s Earthly sojourn—”And tabernacled among us:” John 1:14.

3. Christ’s Essential Glory—”As of the only Begotten:” John 1:14.

4. Christ’s Supreme excellency—”Preferred before:” John 1:15.

5. Christ’s Divine sufficiency—”His fullness:” John 1:16.

6. Christ’s Moral perfections—”Grace and truth:” John 1:17.

7. Christ’s Wondrous revelation—Made known “the Father:” John 1:18.

I hope to see you all tomorrow…