Challenges and Opportunities

Last night after reading for a bit, we settled in as a family to watch Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. We love this show because within an hour we get to hear a story of hardship, learn about hundreds of people who volunteer to help and then in the end watch everyone cry tears of joy over a new place to live.

The episode last night did not disappoint. A school teacher for troubled youth was in a motorcycle accident and lost his leg. He, along with his wife and three daughters had struggled for the past few years. As their story played out, we heard students and adults share about how this teacher had changed their lives.

In spite of his overwhelming health challenges, he continued to be upbeat and positive about life.

Challenges certainly can bring out the best in people…and at times they can bring out the worst of people, however challenges always bring out something.

With the onslaught of the Coronavirus, each one of us is in the midst of a challenge in real time. Our present and future is changing rapidly. It’s nearly impossible to imagine what things could look like a few weeks from now and it certainly was impossible to accurately predict what we are experiencing now.

To put it simply…we need Jesus more than ever.

This Sunday, we are going to continue our study through the Gospel of John entitled, “Discovering God.” I look forward to sharing about a different challenge from John 11:45-57. Jesus was the most significant “Change Agent” in history and some accepted His challenge while others rejected it. We are left with an identical challenge…will you accept or reject Him?


Instead of gathering, we will LiveStream the sermon HERE at 10:45AM. Please join us online and share the link with friends. We are planning for the LiveStream to last about an hour. Here is the order:
Worship Song
Welcome and Updates
Worship Song and Confession
Community in Context
Offering Song
Sermon (Shortened to 20mn)
Reflection Song
Sermon Discussion in the “New Life Living Room”

Daily Video Devotionals on NLCC Facebook Page
Our Elder team will start offering daily video devotions on our New Life CityChurch Facebook Page every day around 5pm. These will be short, 5 minute videos which I hope you will be able to watch.

Ongoing Communication
Moving forward, we plan to stay in close communication through the following:
1. LiveStream the service every week at 10:45am HERE.
2. Daily Devotions on the NLCC Facebook Page HERE.
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