Back on the trails

Since the weather has been warming up, I seem to have caught “Spring Fever.” As a result of this fever,  a few days ago, I loaded up my bike and went for a ride on the trails at Swope Park.

The temperature was beautiful, the birds and squirrels were busy moving around and the trail was begging for another rider.

Insert middle aged dad – that’s me :).

Everything started out great and then I decided to take a different route…why not be adventurous…I mean, what could go wrong?

After biking for thirty minutes or so, I began to realize I was nowhere near any familiar trails. Additionally, the difficulty of this trail was up at least a notch from those I typically ride.
My heart rate had picked up and my breathing became more labored.

After climbing what seemed like a massive hill, I stopped to catch my breath and decide what to do next.
I kept going….getting more and more fatigued.

At one point on the trail, I was draped over my handlebars and another biker came around the corner…

“Hey…do you know that fastest direction back to the parking lot by chance?” I asked.
“….hmmm….I think going back the way you came.”
 “Sure, enjoy the trails.”

As I turned around, all  could hear from him was, “enjoy the trails.” By now the fun had worn off and I was in full work mode.

Since I was extremely fatigued, my reactions were slower–which isn’t good on a steep, rocky trail. At one point I was riding back through a shallow creek, which was easy several minutes earlier. However, this time I was slower and ended up putting my foot down in six inches of water.

Great, now my foot is soaked…I’m running late…and now I’m exhausted.

Sometimes life can be like this…what we expect isn’t always what we get. Sometimes we anticipate breezes and slopes and we get lost and fatigued. Often when tough times come, we need a change of perspective.

This Sunday, we continue our “Discovering God” sermon series from john 11:1-16.  It is a story about Jesus and His friends, but it reveals suffering and struggle. However, at the same time, this story gives us hope for dealing with sorrow, finding perspective, exercising courage and growing in our faith.

I hope to see you at 9:00 or 10:45am. If you cannot attend in person, you can watch the Live Stream HERE.

And even though my last experience on the trail wasn’t my favorite, I can’t wait to load up the bike and ride again.