Did you see that?

On Wednesday, the three boys and I were driving back from their basketball games. We were reviewing the highlights of the games….which unfortunately didn’t take long :).

The conversation moved on to the next part of our evening…plenty of chit chat about everything from snacks to homework.

We were stopped at a stoplight and talking about the game, when Isaiah noticed something moving inside of a Dry Cleaners / Barbershop.

A very large raccoon was shopping.

It was one of those moments when things were hard to interpret. We were coming home from basketball games, talking about the details of life and then we look out the window to a store closed for the evening and a raccoon is meandering around.

“Get a picture.”

I fumbled for my phone and handed it over to Dallas and he snapped a quick picture just as the light turned green.

Yesterday, at some point it occurred to me I maybe should have called animal control. But to be honest in the moment, I was incredibly surprised by such a large animal walking around that business like he/she owned the place.

There are moments in life when we are surprised, when the activity we are witnessing doesn’t make sense in relation to the plans we are making.

In our sermon series, “Discovering God” we have been following Jesus as he performs miracles and teaches plainly that He is God. And for the people observing His behavior and listening to His teaching, it was really surprising and they had a difficult time making sense of it all.

This Sunday, Pastor Don Lewis will be preaching from John 10:31-42 on the topic of Faith and accepting Jesus as the Son of God. Whether you are new to these stories about the miracles and teaching of Jesus or have known about them for a while, there are some things that can still surprise us in the Scriptures.

There is great news. The more we discover about God the more grateful we will be for His plan and grace. I sure hope to see you at 9 or 10:45am. If you cannot attend in person, you can watch the LiveStream HERE.