One tiny marshmallow

Monday was a beautiful day so the boys and I decided to take a bike ride downtown. Since we live close to the streetcar, we decided to hop on with our bikes.

While waiting for the streetcar to arrive, Ian pulled out a sandwich bag of mini-marshmallows to snack on.

“What, I always need a snack for energy.”

LOL…he  noticed me looking at him and knew my question even before I could verbalize it. Immediately, his brothers and I asked if we could have some marshmallows too.

He gave us each one…and only one, mini-marshmallow.

We didn’t have much time to complain since the streetcar was arriving, so I told him to put the marshmallows away and get ready to board the streetcar with our bikes…which is quite the undertaking.

We finished out tour of the city with a stop at the park and then rode home in time for basketball practice.

Since the girls were out of town, I had promised the boys dinner at Red Robin. So after practice, we cleaned up and went out to eat.

When our meals arrived, we each had French fries, except for Ian. He had ordered mandarins. After seeing our plates, he asked if he could have some of our French Fries. Dallas and Isaiah were happy to oblige…and each promptly offered him one piece of French Fry the size of a mini-marshmallow.

It was at that moment we all burst into laughter.

“We burned you.” “How do you like that?” “You never asked for more, I’m asking for more.”

We all enjoyed a good laugh and yes everyone got to eat more than enough French fries.

This story reminds me of how easy it is for you and I to demand justice. This Sunday, we will continue our series in John by studying 10:19-30. In these verses, we are reminded of how our Shepherd has promised to care for every need of His sheep. Fortunately, His gracious care is far beyond anything we deserve.

There is much more to uncover in this passage, so I hope to see you at 9:00 or 10:45am. If you cannot attend in person, you can watch the Livestream HERE.