The Chase

This past week has been pretty exciting for the Chiefs Kingdom. For starters, how about the Super Bowl win?

Our entire playoff run has been some come from behind magic. It seems the Chiefs almost wanted to test everyone’s faith in their ability to pull it off. I would say that down 24-0 shook a lot of fans to their boots. But they came storming back.

Then down 10-0 and another big win. Finally, down by 10 in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl…and within a short time, they were holding the trophy.


Such a fun team to watch, which is what motivated thousands of fans to line up for hours in below freezing temps and blowing snow to cheer on the victors.

And nearly as impressive as our Chiefs coming back for a win, our police officers stepped up and prevented a massive tragedy.

A few hours before the team paraded through the streets, an out of control car came barreling down Grand Avenue.

Strip tacks, a box-on-one and a perfect spin move from behind and the out of control car was brought to a stop, allowing for an arrest and ensuring the safety of all around.

Praise God for His protection and thanks to the police for their bravery.

This Sunday, Gabor Gresz, a teaching elder at New Life will conclude our series in Ecclesiastes by sharing a sermon entitled, “Navigating in Social Complexity” from Ecclesiastes, 8:2-17.

God has placed us in societies, cultures and nations and then graciously provided for authorities to keep order and ensure safety.

When authorities sacrifice their own well-being for their fellow citizens, respect comes easy and it should. But what if authorities fail to ensure the safety of the people?

You’ll have to come Sunday to learn more :). For now, we can all agree we have an amazing police force in KCMO and our surrounding cities. We have much for which to be thankful.

I sure hope to see you on Sunday, just don’t speed or you may not be quite so grateful for those who are called to serve and protect :).

If you cannot attend in person, you are welcome to watch online at 10:45am or later HERE.