Since all five of our kids play competitive soccer, we end up going to a lot of games. I have never stopped to calculate how many, but I’m pretty sure if I did, the number would be four digits (1,000’s :)). 
While at the games, I’ve observed many different fans…loud and dumb (can’t think of a better way to describe them), loud and obnoxious, chatty and oblivious, quiet and thoughtful and finally, knowledgeable and discerning.

Generally speaking, in my experience, the higher the level of soccer, the better the fans. There is one fan in particular from one of my daughter’s teams that is an all-star.

He is very knowledgeable about soccer, conscious of those around him and he has a knack for yelling at the referee only when it’s appropriate and he is undoubtedly correct.

Typically, when he speaks up, he simply encourages his daughter. His signature cheer is to yell out “WORK.”

Every time I hear him yell that, I smile. In fact, though I don’t imitate his sideline behavior, I have started to use it with my kids at home. And every time, I say it, I smile.

When I’m driving them to practice, I will say, “WORK!”

When they are working on skills at home, I will say, “WORK.”

When they are eating breakfast or doing homework, I will say, “WORK.”

Although I’ve never asked him, I think the point the “All-Star” fan wants to make for his daughter is that much of the game is simple hard work. There may be a goal or two, however for the majority of time, each player is supposed to grind it out and work hard.

Similarly, life is this way. We spend a lot of time and effort without a lot of return for our “WORK.”

However, when we understand the purpose for our “WORK” everything changes.

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing a sermon on “WORK, wealth and worship from Ecclesiastes 5:12-6:2. Simply stated, we will discover our purpose for “WORK” should be worship, not wealth.

I sure hope to see you at 9:00 or 10:45am (at the very least the Chiefs will appreciate your prayers :). If you cannot attend in person, you can watch the livestream at 10:45am HERE.

I hope you have a great weekend…I also hope to see a lot of Red on Sunday. Go Chiefs!