Fake Fans

The fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are in the super bowl is awesome for Kansas City. I have noticed that simply wearing any sort of Chiefs memorabilia instantly makes friends. Anywhere from the grocery store to the gas station, simply saying, “Go Chiefs” to someone in red makes me smile from ear to ear.

Also, talking about the Chiefs AFC Championship win only adds to happiness. In fact, my favorite line this week has been….”and what about Mahomes touchdown run?” Without fail, it lights up any conversation.

Full disclosure, I grew up a Vikings fan and still am a Vikings fan, but I am also a Chiefs fan. In my defense, I have lived in Kansas City for more than twenty years which is nearly half my life, so I like to say I have earned the right to call them my team.

Trust me, if they win the Super Bowl, I will be at the parade.

However, there are some die-hard fans that deserve this much more than I do. I will be the first to say, I am not necessarily a bandwagon fan, but I am also not a die-hard fan.

Since things are going great, I love to put on my Chiefs Jersey (which I won in a drawing…thank you Kansas City), and root for Mahomes and the rest of the team. However, I will admit…if the Chiefs had a losing season and didn’t have such an amazing team, I would likely not be so fast to put on my memorabilia and talk about “my Chiefs.”

For those of you who are die-hards…how do you feel about the bandwagon fans?

Be honest….at the very least they bother you I would guess…and maybe you even have some choice words to describe them.

Fake Fans…(with a scowl).

This Sunday, we continue our series in Ecclesiastes entitled, “Meaningful Life.” We will study “Worship” from Solomon’s perspective.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to worshipping God, Solomon describes God’s fake fans.

You know, those bandwagon types who like to talk about God when things are going great, but when life gets tough…they are on to another pursuit.

Just a quick warning….it could get convicting here on Sunday :). I sure hope you can attend at 9:00 or 10:45am. If you are already headed to Miami, you can still watch online HERE at 10:45am.

I hope you have a great weekend and GO CHIEFS!