Reality Check

2020 is here! Whether we like it or not we are plunging into a new decade. As a family we have developed a tradition to choose a word for the year as a family and individuals. This year our family word is “grateful” and my personal word for the year is “passion.”

Beyond choosing words to motivate our lives, I have also made a physical resolution…I’m calling it my 100-point day. I have assigned points to every push up, pull up, sit up and lunge I do every day.

Here is the rest of the story…

We were looking at pictures….selecting the best of course, to post on social media. And there was a certain picture of me….my family will be happy to tell you about it….and no, it’s not attached…and that picture…revealed I am no longer a young man.

It’s funny because in my head, I am a 22-year-old athlete…until I look in the mirror…and even then I still have an ability to camouflage imperfections and imagine a reflection in  much better shape than reality.

The tendency to see ourselves as better than reality stretches far beyond our physical attributes. When it comes to our status with God, it is way too easy for us think we are ok.

Because of our tendency to think we are better than reality, I am excited to introduce our new sermon series in Ecclesiastes entitled, “Meaningful Life.” The point of Ecclesiastes is to reveal our distorted thinking and bring us to our knees.

When we are faced with the truth, there is a good chance we will land on our knees and then God steps in. Instead of changing the reflection in the mirror, God changes us. He lovingly forgives, heals and restores us.


Instead of telling ourselves a story of who we are, we are welcomed into a brand new life. Life with Christ.

So, this year I am ready to draw even closer to Jesus…and I am also going to be working hard every day to get 100 points for my pushups, pullups and running. And who knows, maybe next year, my photos will reveal something closer to what I’ve always thought I looked like…

Here’s to a new decade and a fresh look at our relationship with Jesus. I sure hope you can join us on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:45am. If you cannot be here in person, you can watch the Live Stream HERE.