Running on E

This past week Leigh-Ann and I and two of the boys hitched up a trailer to our vehicle and went to pick up a couch.

This was the first time to pull a trailer with our vehicle and everything was going great…until we were about five minutes from our house.

That’s when we lost power…I knew immediately we had run out of gas. The low fuel chime had gone off just before we picked up the couch and it was only about twenty miles from our house. I really didn’t want to pull a trailer through a gas station, so I figured we would be fine.

Well, I figured wrong….

So we called roadside assistance from the shoulder of I-70.

Cars whizzed by…and an interesting woman stopped by…as she passed our car, Dallas immediately ordered us to lock the doors. Isaiah had a headache and could barely open his eyes.

Leigh-Ann opened the window and we started a pretty interesting conversation.

The lady had found three cell phones on the side of the road and needed a ride north of the river. We were at a bit of a loss since we were out of gas ourselves and were waiting on help.

I couldn’t help but think about the Advent Sermon series we have started about how Jesus cared for people in need of help. Leigh-Ann and I looked at each other and were planning to help her out…then she must have gotten bored with our conversation and started walking up ahead…probably looking for more cell phones.

During this entire time, cars and trucks went by at breakneck speed, but no one stopped to help…not that I blame them, I don’t stop for people I don’t know on the side of the road either. Then I saw some flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I knew I wasn’t speeding, so I guessed they would stop and ask what was wrong….nope.

They drove about thirty yards ahead to the cell phone woman, talked with her for about 10 minutes and then drove off…I am guessing with her in the back seat.

They never stopped to see if we needed anything.

Finally, after several more minutes, the roadside assistance we called arrived with gas and we were on our way.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave will share a sermon from Luke 10:25-37 about someone else on the side of the road…however this person had been beaten and left for dead. Multiple people…mostly religious passed by and then the most unlikely of all….a Samaritan…stopped and helped.

I hope you can plan to attend on Sunday for much more on this topic. If you cannot be there in person, you can watch online HERE at 10:45am.

In the meantime, keep an eye on your gas gauge and have a great weekend.