This past week our family repainted and decorated the boy’s bedroom. Everyone worked hard over the course of the project and in the end, it turned out great.
Similar to most home improvement projects, there was a vision for the room, preparation, hard work….more hard work….and some more hard work, and then finally we turned the final corner, put everything back together, took a deep breath and called it completed.
Over the course of the project, there was one person who was the visionary, the motivator and the project manager…
Without her, the project would still be a goal for the future. However, since she took on the role of PIC (person in charge) our project is a success story.
There were a few moments when I was tempted to question her decision making as the PIC, however I reminded myself of her track record for making our house look amazing as opposed to my own skillset in homemaking (our garage is my case in point) and quickly rescinded any doubt.
On a much larger scale, our life is a constant battle between choosing ourselves as the PIC and submitting to God as the PIC for our life. In addition, with life, there is so much more at stake.
This Sunday, we continue our series through the Gospel of John entitled, “Discovering God.” One of our elders, Jason Parr will be sharing a sermon from John 7:14-24 entitled, God is the source of our authority. In other words, God is the ultimate PIC.
I hope you can spend some time reading from John 7. You may also find it helpful to watch a quick Sermon Recap HERE.
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I hope you have a great weekend, and if you are working on any projects, make sure you have a good PIC :).