This past Monday, the kids, Felipe and I decided to do some family soccer training. So we went to the field and warmed up. This didn’t take much since it was already incredibly hot out in the sun.

After a bit, we began a 3V3 game. And everything was going fine until partway through game two…

At this point in the game I sprinted towards the goal…I felt like Usain Bolt as I zoomed down the field…HOWEVER, in reality I was probably more like the sloth at the DMV in Zootopia.

Suddenly as I tried to score a goal…IT HAPPENED…I did something to my back.

I stopped and simply stood in an awkward stance for probably half a minute or so.

I couldn’t move.

My back was in some sort of a spasm.

In that moment, I was faced with an impossibility….as much as my mind told me I could run and play like before, my old man’s back told me otherwise.

Life provides moments when we are faced with an impossibility. And when this happens, it is typical for us to start thinking through solutions similar to what I did on the soccer field

….maybe I should stretch out
….give it a rest
…play through the pain
…wait a minute and then try again hoping for a different result
…you get the point, ultimately, it never got better.

This Sunday, we are going to study a group of people that were faced with a different sort of impossibility. They could not continue with life as usual and still accept the teachings of Jesus.

We will study from John 6:60-65 and discover those first century followers of Jesus had made attempts to find a compromise with the words of Jesus. Finally, after exhausting all options, they were left with the decision to…EITHER…reject everything they had ever known in order to follow Jesus…OR…reject Jesus in favor of everything they had ever known.

There is much more to uncover from the text, I hope to see you at 9:00am or 10:45am. If you have a few minutes, you can get caught up on last week’s sermon with this 4 Minute Recap.