Scavenger Hunt

This past week, our family took a vacation to Branson, MO. It has become a sort of tradition for us to get some time away swimming, exploring, relaxing and this year we added something new….biking.

Since we have a large vehicle and a bike rack, I thought it would be fun (and save some $$) to put all seven bikes in and take an excursion to Dogwood Canyon.

The landscape certainly did not disappoint.

As a part of the excursion, we picked up a scavenger hunt and began searching for clues along the way. We missed the first and second clue but found the third clue. After a while, Isaiah called out that he had found the fifth of five clues.

We put our heads together to solve the mystery of the scavenger hunt, got the stamp on our papers near the end of the road and then on the way back we tracked down the final clues to complete the task.

The reward for completing the scavenger hunt was free ice cream sandwiches.

If there is a way to combine a competition with ice cream, our kids would do almost anything.

And I mean almost anything…if I didn’t know better, I could have guessed they were competing to win a million dollars.

Here’s the point – if we are motivated, obstacles are temporary setbacks.

This Sunday, Pastor Don Lewis will be continuing our sermon series in the Gospel of John, “Discovering God.” He will focus in on John 6:41-59 and speak directly to our Journey with Jesus. Although it isn’t easy, it’s always worth it.