Something more

This past week, seventeen youth and leaders from New Life took a missions trip to the Dominican Republic.

Like the other parents, Leigh-Ann and I are super excited to see our two kids tonight. For the past several months they have been working to raise funds and prepare spiritually for this incredible adventure.

This past week has been amazing for us to see from afar. And I mean afar….they could not bring any electronic devices and we only got one five minute phone call on Leigh-Ann’s birthday.

However, thanks to our great leaders and their willingness to post pictures we have stayed up to date on their trip.

If I could describe our girls and everyone else on the trip, I would say they look so happy.

Their faces look tired but very satisfied.

From the perspective of our culture, it may not make sense.

Long days + hot weather + different foods + around many strangers + hard work + little rest + no time to themselves = happy and fulfilled kids.


This Sunday, we are going to be addressing the idea that we may be made for something else.

Once a year, we turn our auditorium into a coffee shop with circles of chairs, pastries and great coffee. It’s called, Story of the Soul. An interactive coffeehouse experiences. Using art, film, music, poetry and other media, we explore the stories the soul of mankind is and has always been telling.

What if what you have been experiencing from life is not enough. What if your current reality doesn’t seem to match what it feels you were meant for? These questions and more will be addressed through contemporary expressions. We will finish with some stories of how the Gospel reveals our greatest purpose.

I’m sure you could take a trip overseas and experience fulfillment firsthand, but you may simply be able to come down to New Life CityChurch at 1717 McGee this Sunday for a similar experience.

I hope you can attend at either 9:00 or 10:45am and bring a friend.