Storms of life

On Tuesday, we had some incredibly powerful storms roll through Kansas City. I heard there were eight tornadoes that touched down. Thankfully, in spite of some injuries, no one lost their life.

Storms remind me of the power of God and my own weakness.

About a year ago, our men’s ministry went on our annual float trip. While out on the water we faced a storm.

This was not just some light rain; this was a thunderstorm.

Quite possible the worst storm I’ve ever experienced and we were on a river in the middle of nowhere.

Nearly forty of us were out on a river in aluminum canoes, floating down the river. Hmmmm…

There was a moment when everything got still….and then the winds began to pick up…then it started raining….not drops, but buckets of rain….and then it happened…

As we paddled our canoe downriver as fast as we could, a gust of wind swept across the land and capsized our canoe. Isaiah (who was seven at the time) was in the middle of the canoe and within a split second, we were in the water along with the coolers with the lunch for the whole group.

Fortunately, we made our way to shore along with the others who were paddling behind us.

Everyone was safe, however it was still pouring buckets.

While on the shore for at least twenty or thirty minutes, I remember fighting back fear. Fortunately or unfortunately….depending on how you look at it, we had no choice but to endure the storm.

Finally, it slowed down, we paddled back to the bridge where we were shuttled back to our campsite.

Warm clothes and a heater in the car never felt so good.

Storms are not simply rain and wind…storms can also be stressed out relationships, financial burdens, loss, etc.

This Sunday, I am excited to share a sermon from John 6:16-21 about a storm experienced by Jesus and His disciples. We will discover that storms reveal quite a bit about ourselves and in this story we are given hope to strengthen our faith.