Have you ever had a circumstance that needed a solution, but you couldn’t seem to figure it out?

I think we have each been in this situation at one time or another.

This past week, I was driving home from a meeting in Kansas and noticed up ahead that traffic was completely stopped. I quickly looked it up on Google Maps and the Red Line extended for several miles.

I took the nearest exit and wove around side streets for a while until finally finding my way back to the interstate.

However, at the moment I realized traffic was backed up, I wondered what life would be like if I just had a helicopter or hovercraft (Personally, I would choose the hovercraft).

I would be on time for my next appointment…for sure. It would also be pretty fun to fly up and out of the bottleneck of traffic on the roadway.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave is re-starting our sermon series through the Gospel of John entitled, “Discovering God.” He will be sharing the story of the miracle of feeding the five thousand from John 6:1-15.

I’m guessing the disciples felt a bit helpless with their dilemma….more than five thousand hungry people. That in itself makes the worst traffic jam seem pretty mild.

At the same time, when Jesus multiplied the bread and fish to feed the people, it was a miracle similar to what it might be like for my car to turn into a hovercraft and fly over the traffic.

It is a rare occasion that Jesus performs a miracle to get us out of a difficult circumstance, however He can and does do miracles.

If you need a miracle or even some hope that will come from a study of Jesus’ miracle, we would love to see you on Sunday.