Thou shalt not try me

For Mother’s day, our kids (mostly the girls) worked very hard on their gift for mom. On their own, they found a scrap piece of wood in the garage, painted it white, stenciled on their message, tied on a few bows and put it in a gift bag.

The process took an entire Friday evening while Leigh-Ann and I were at a wedding. The finished product says, “Thou shalt not try me.” Mom 24:7

If you know Leigh-Ann, you know she loves our kids fiercely and part of that love is upholding a boundary. The kids know they can talk to her at any time, laugh, play and tell jokes, but one thing they can’t do is pull one over on her.

I was in on the secret. For at least 24 hours prior to Mother’s Day, I found myself thinking about how fun it would be for Leigh-Ann to receive this masterpiece of love from the kids. In addition, they had made cards and had other gifts and since everyone was prepared to give, everyone looked forward to that moment when Leigh-Ann would open her gifts.

Imagine how the mood would have changed if everyone had failed to plan for Mother’s Day. There is no doubt it would have felt awkward and uncomfortable. Leigh-Ann would have been disappointed, however I think the kids would be even more disappointed in themselves.

When it comes to giving back to God, I am convinced many people struggle simply because they haven’t prepared.

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing a sermon that explores some of the struggle and a great solution from 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 entitled, “God made us to be generous.”

This is the fourth and final week in our Vision 20/20 series where we have been covering topics that will help us fulfill our New Life Vision for every man, woman and child to experience and know the love of Jesus in Kansas City.