Celebrating Mothers

Mark Twain said, “My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

Your mom may agree; I know mine does :).

The value of a mother could not be overstated. From the moment a mother gives birth, she is “on the clock.” My mom loved me like crazy, she taught me how to work and set goals for my future. She modeled a relationship with Jesus and she was always there for me.

Love and nurture, direction and guidance, help and hope and comfort and encouragement are some word pairs that not only describe mothers, these words also describe what mothers do.

So this Sunday, we have an opportunity to celebrate the mothers in our lives. I have not only been blessed with a great mother, I also have been blessed with a great wife.

With five kids, Leigh-Ann has an incredibly overwhelming role that seems to never end. On any given day she is a household manager, nurse, chef, finance director, CEO, CFO, CIO…not to mention she needs the skills of someone in the CIA and the FBI. She is faithful and loyal and works often without notice from early morning till late at night.

For Mother’s day at New Life, we will share a tribute during our community in context time of the service. KidCity has also arranged for professional photographs after each service in the Vow Exchange. Finally, we will have flowers as a simple token of appreciation for each mother in attendance.

In addition to the Mother’s Day festivities, Pastor Dave will share a sermon from Mark 4:1-20 entitled, “Sowing with Wisdom.”

Whether you are a mother or not, I am praying for you to be encouraged spiritually and emotionally by an opportunity to worship, build friendships and learn the Scriptures.