The best thing ever

Several weeks ago I was studying in my office late one afternoon and I got a call from Leigh-Ann and the kids. They had just been at Costco for shopping and samples and watched a live demonstration of a Vita-Mix.

In case you have not been to Costco for the demonstration or asked my kids about the Vita-Mix, it is a blender that can make everything from Smoothies to Soup.

From the moment they experienced the Vita-Mix demonstration, they could not stop talking about it.

They desperately wanted to buy a Vita-Mix, get some avocados, lemons and spinach so I could enjoy “Healthy Ice Cream” with them.

We shopped online and a friend finally found one for us for a fraction of the cost.

Our first night, we shopped for ingredients together, threw it all in the magic Vita-Mix and pressed the ON button.

And would you believe it….it didn’t quite taste like the Costco demonstration, but we are optimists and some day we may master the skill of smoothies and ice cream.

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing a sermon about the witnesses for Jesus. Towards the end of John 5, Jesus is teaching and He provides four different witnesses to His deity.

Similar to my kids and the Vita-Mix, the witnesses for Jesus make some incredible claims. The difference is while the Vita-Mix fell a bit short of expectations, Jesus always exceeds expectations.

I hope to see you on Sunday at 9:00am or 10:45am for more teaching from John 5:30-47. In the meantime, we will continue to perfect our skills with the Vita-Mix.