Boss Button!

This week I (Jason) thought I would take a stab at the weekly email and let Troy focus on the (college basketball) sermon! If you’ve known me for long, you have learned that, while I enjoy playing sports, and even watching sports, I am 100% incompetent when it comes to talking about sports. I can’t do it! Marsha has to give me tutorials before I go into crowds of “sporty” people, telling me what famous athletes I can’t say “who’s that?” about when their name comes up in conversation. When I try to sound sporty, she often pats my shoulder in a sweetly condescending way and says, “that’s one of those things you can never say in front of other people.” So you may not be surprised to know that my NCAA men’s basketball bracket took me approximately 2 minutes to fill out and I went mostly by colors, names I recognize, and picked a few upsets completely on blind guesses. Simon picked his by rolling dice on every game, the girls probably did theirs a lot like mine, and Marsha has been analyzing all these teams for weeks by listening to sports radio all the time.

CNBC ran an article a couple years ago stating that U.S. companies lose somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 Billion in productivity during March Madness. The number is staggering, but I guess not too surprising given there’s even a button built-in to the ESPN website that throws an employee’s boss off the scent in the event that the employee happens to be catching a game during work hours. It’s called the “Boss Button.” When you click on it, your webpage instantly transforms into what looks like a powerpoint presentation, or a list of notes on upcoming presentations, or something boring like that. Now, I’m no advocate of slacking on the job, but I think this idea is hysterical! My kids also thought this was hilarious – they’ll understand even better when they get jobs someday . . .

Turns out there’s one particular Boss that the Boss Button doesn’t work on! This week, Pastor Troy will preach from John 5:24-30, reminding us that the same Boss who has the power to judge is also the boss who provided a way to fellowship with him forever. If you’re watching the game with your cursor over the Boss Button, maybe you should just watch it in the boss’s office instead.

If you are traveling or can’t make it to church on Sunday, be sure to catch our Livestream on Youtube. It’s the next best thing to actually being here!

See you Sunday!