Amazing Birthday

This past Sunday we celebrated our third child entering double digits. Yes, Dallas is now 10 years old. A week or so prior, I received a message from Leigh-Ann reminding me that Dallas’s birthday was coming up and the 10th birthday is a big one and then she asked, “what are we going to do?”

In Leigh-Ann’s defense this was one of multiple attempts to plan something, however I procrastinate by nature and when life is busy and you have five kids, birthdays can tend to get run over by the family schedule.

So, after finishing the phone conversation, I sat back in my chair, thought for a moment and had a vision…or at least an idea. I have a good friend who has access to Sporting KC tickets and so I double checked the calendar and discovered it was the Sporting KC home opener.

I texted Leigh-Ann and asked her to cross her fingers and pray (yes, I have faith but when it comes to one of our kids, sometimes it feels like crossing our fingers could help too :)) and I would text our friend to see what he could do.

We got the tickets…to the box…for the birthday!


And Sporting KC won 2-0.

It was a great day, that started by Leigh-Ann and I telling him about the tickets when he woke up. He literally jumped up and down and started dancing like me (which is pretty embarrassing)…he was so excited.

But what if the day hadn’t ended so great? Imagine how he would have felt if we drove to the stadium and when we arrived at the gate, were told our tickets were not valid.

It would have been devastating.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave will be preaching a sermon from John 5:17-23 entitled, Jesus: Lord, Liar or Lunatic. While on earth Jesus made some incredibly bold claims (much bigger than a promise of tickets to the home opener). Jesus made the claim that He is God. And furthermore, Jesus said He can give life to whomever He will.

And here is the good news, since His claim was true, we have the promise of eternal life in the future and an abundant life now.

Our friend is an awesome person who “claimed” he could get us a seat in the luxury box for the home opener…unbelievably more amazing, Jesus has claimed He is God and can give us eternal life.

I hope you are able to attend at either 9:00 or 10:45am to learn more about the claims of Jesus.

As awesome as Sporting KC is, Jesus is infinitely better.