“I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring.”

I find myself saying something like this multiple time a day now. And the two week outlook is still cold.

Now to be fair, there are colder places to live…I grew up in Minnesota. And history tells me that even though it may seem like a long winter, Spring is going to come.

It’s just not easy to believe this when I wake up to clouds and cold.

So, what are my options?

I can complain and wish the weather was different….OR….I can make the best of my days in spite of the weather. I have no doubt, when those nice Spring days start coming, gratitude will follow.

This Sunday, whether we get “Snowmaggedon” or not, (and if we do we’ll have at least the second service live streamed) I plan to share a sermon from John 4:46-54 entitled, “The Circumstances God Uses.”

This is a story about a government official’s son who is dying. His dad finds Jesus and ultimately, Jesus heals his son.

The bigger point however is that our biggest issue is not typically the problem, in fact God often works through our problems so draw us close so we can experience saving faith.

There is quite a bit to study from history and context, so I really hope you can join us in person or on livestream. Here is the link for the LIVESTREAM.