A new pet

On Tuesday I received a text message from Leigh-Ann with the picture of a dog named Sophie.

The text read, “Her humans are divorcing and the mom left her with the dad. He just abandoned her to the groomer. He doesn’t want her because she reminds him of his wife.”

Since this is not the first time our family has been offered a dog, I decided to do my best to avoid the topic.

After a few close calls (i.e. all the kids in the living room and the pic of the dog being passed around) we ended up going to bed without any promises.


I must say that I have come a long way when it comes to pets…however I am still not the type to walk one around in a stroller if you get my drift.

So, a few days ago, we found out that another family had decided to adopt Sophie…and within a few hours they discovered that Sophie the dog (not to be confused with Sophie our daughter) hated children.

She growled and hissed at the kids when they attempted to pet her or show her affection.

The point is that our understanding of this potential pet grew with time. The more we learned about the dog, the more we were each convinced that Sophie would not fit in our kid-packed household.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave and I are going to work together to deliver the sermon from John 4:15-26. We will discover that the woman at the well had a growing understanding of Jesus. In fact, she saw him as a stranger, then a prophet, and then the Messiah. This is quite opposite of our understanding of our potential next pet.