Dinner time

Dinner time is a big deal for our family. There are many reasons…we talk about our day, plan out our next 24 hours and we pray together, which is a good thing I’m sure for a Pastor’s family :).

Oh, we also eat.

Well, most of us eat. I would say our youngest is a wild card. He has somehow developed a “picky palate.”

With a family of seven, when the food is ready…we sit down and put down (our devices), hold hands and pray.

Typically, everyone jumps in to help get plates filled and then it is usually quiet for a few minutes while we inhale our food and then slowly conversation starts.

It is not uncommon for most of the plates to be almost empty and one of them to still be untouched….

“I’m not hungry…(cue sad face)”

“I don’t care” (said by either or both parents at the same time)

“I don’t like it”

“You haven’t even tasted it” (said by either or both parents at the same time)

Threats follow…

More excuses…

Threats with a time limit…

Finally, the fork is lifted and food is ingested.

And believe it or not, he usually likes it and then finishes his plate.

Why is it so difficult to try something new?

This Sunday, we continue our sermon series in the Gospel of John. I look forward to beginning the dialogue between Jesus and the Samaritan Woman. As we study, we will discover there are a lot of new things being discussed. We will touch on topics of racism, political differences and relational offenses.

I hope you can take a few minutes to read John 4 and then plan to attend the service at either 9:00 or 10:45 am.

Now to get home for dinner, have a great weekend,