He made what game?

At age 59, a barber from Reading OH, named Merle Robbins got into an argument with his son about the rules of the card game, “Crazy Eights.” In order to resolve the argument, he invented a game that he and his family designed and made on the dining room table.

In 1971, Merle Robbins invented the game of UNO. Today, UNO has sold more than 150 million copies in more than 80 countries.

Our family loves the game of UNO and played it multiple times over the holidays. If you’ve played UNO recently you know that the game goes in a circle and the only way to play is to have a matching color or number or wild card.

When I am holding a wild card, I feel so much more confident. Typically, I hold that card as my back up until I really need it. The best case scenario is to hold it until the end as the final card.

Conversely, when the play is getting close to me and I am not holding the right color or number, I begin to worry that I’ll have to draw another card. Having no options creates stress.

Life can be like this.

As you and I look ahead to 2019, we may consider our future and feel like we are holding a wild card. Conversely, we may look at the immediate future and feel like we have the wrong numbers and colors in our hand.

This Sunday, I am looking forward to sharing a sermon from John 3:16-21 that is full of options for 2019. In fact, if we accept the perspective from John 3:16 we can live as if we have an eternal supply of wild cards.

Here’s why…God has already offered us an eternal supply of love. He gave His only Son. In other words, God has given us God.

As we look at our circumstances and then look at our great God, we will overflow with hope. In fact, we don’t have to worry about circumstances, we have already been given everything we need for success in 2019.

The only decision we have to make is where we will place our faith.

I really hope you can plan to come New Life tomorrow at 9:00 or 10:45am. I look forward to sharing some thoughts from John 3:16 about the character of God and the difference He can make in our lives this year.

Have a great day and next time you get in a family argument, maybe you should try to invent a game.