Christmas this year was meaningful and fun. As a family, we’ve created memories we hope will last a lifetime. There was however, one phenomenon that still has me smiling.

When we passed out gifts on Christmas morning, we began opening one at a time starting with the youngest. Zoe, our dog ended up going last (she’s 8 in human years but 64 in dog years).

When Zoe found out she had a gift, her tail was wagging and she was INCREDIBLY excited. When it comes to dogs and their ability to communicate with humans, I am still a bit skeptical, so you really need to believe me when I say Zoe was very excited to open her gift.

It was almost like she had been concerned she would be forgotten and then when she saw she had a gift, it was a relief and surprise all at the same time.

I exaggerate not…with wagging tail and smile on her face, Zoe ripped open her gift. Gauging her excitement, you would have thought she got a Lexus….no, just her favorite dog bones in size XL.

She took one of them to the other room and started right in. This was Christmas.

As much as I am becoming a believer that Zoe understands what it means to get a gift, I am positive she has no clue about the true meaning of Christmas.

In fact, Zoe can be quite a selfish little dog. She loves to get her belly rubbed, have all the attention and of course, likes gifts. I would bet that within a few days, her gift will be forgotten and she will move on to her next desire.

Much like you and I.

If you are anything like me, there are times I relate too well with Zoe and need a change in perspective. It can be easy to lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas.

Tomorrow, Gabor Gresz will be sharing a sermon to close out our Christmas series, “here.” This series has been all about perspectives and tomorrow, he will be preaching from Psalm 22 about King David’s perspective of Jesus.

Leigh-Ann and I met Gabor and Edina and their family more than seven years ago, when they lived in Budapest, Hungary. Since then, it has been our privilege to grow in friendship and respect for their family. Gabor has an incredible testimony about experiencing God’s grace. Since the first time, we heard him speak in Budapest, he has consistently challenged and encouraged us every time he teaches the Scriptures. There is no doubt God’s hand is on Gabor, I hope you can plan to attend tomorrow.