Imperfection on record

Last night at the evening dinner table we were having a conversation about what dad (me) wants for Christmas. Of course I want what every dad wants, kids who behave :).

Beyond that I really don’t need much. So they started throwing out ideas.

And that is when the water bottle idea emerged. “What about getting you a new water bottle?”

Well that is a loaded question. A year and a half ago, the kids bought me an AWESOME water bottle for Father Day. Hands down the best Father’s Day gift yet.

I have used this nearly every day since. If I travel, I bring the water bottle. Whether I’m going to the church, soccer games and practices, workouts, you name it, that water bottle goes with me pretty much everywhere.

So, when the kids suggested a new water bottle it felt like someone was asking me to betray a friend.

I took a deep breath and explained in detail how that water bottle was still in great shape and in spite of a few close calls, I still had it.

Furthermore, I explained to the kids that having the water bottle that long is a testament to my responsibility…a great teaching point.

We finished up the conversation, got ready and took off for soccer practice. As we neared home after practice I reached for my water bottle and realized….it was not in the car.

I had left it at soccer practice…for real.

Can you believe that?

A timely reminder of my own imperfection. As much as I would like to be a perfectly responsible and dependable father, I will, without a doubt, fail.

This is precisely the reason that our Heavenly Father sent Jesus to earth to embody perfection in our place. Theologians call Him our substitutionary atonement. This means Jesus took on humanity, lived a perfect life and then was nailed to a cross so He could bear the wrath of our Just God in our place.


This Sunday, Pastor Dave will be sharing a sermon from Isaiah 7:1-14 and 9:1-7. Isaiah prophesied about the birth of the Messiah. He would be known as Wonderful Counselor, Might God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

This is a far cry from a dad who brags about keeping a water bottle for nearly two years and then loses it. And even better news is our Messiah has come to bring us hope and save us from our sins.