This Sunday marks the 100th year anniversary of Armistice that was signed in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in a rail car in France in 1918.

Fortunately, my oldest daughter has been studying World War I and helping me with the facts or this would be a rather short email.

World War I was a tragedy for many reasons including the fact that no one really had a good reason for fighting. Seriously, it was like when the kids start fighting and take sides based on the moment and not a principle.

Franz Ferdinand and his wife, heirs to the Austrian throne were killed by Gavrilo Princip from Serbia. This ignited a response from Austria with eighteen hours to meet demands that were impossible to reach.

Austria declared war on Serbia, Germany supported Austria, Russia supported Serbia, France and Britain backed Russia. As time went on country after country took sides and fought. In total, about 9 million lives were lost.

Although this may seem like ancient history, we still feel the effect of World War I today. This war sparked the industrial revolution, ignited the great depression and on a much lighter note introduced corn as a substitute for flour. Specifically corn syrup which has added more calories to my diet than I would even care to admit.

Throughout the course of human history, there have been multiple revolutionary events that have sparked change and influenced culture.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave is preaching from John 2:13-25 about a different kind of revolution. The life and death of Jesus sparked change that continues to affect the world. Specifically, we will study the event when Jesus went into the Temple, made a whip and cast out the money-changers. The sermon will answer the question, “Was Jesus a Revolutionary?”

I can’t even wait until Sunday morning to find out…until then, stay safe and warm.