Out of Gas

A few days ago, I was riding home from church on my scooter. As I drove towards the top of the large hill outside of our neighborhood, the scooter suddenly shut off.

Since the gas gauge doesn’t work, I guessed that it was out of gas. This meant that getting the scooter home was dependent on “Troypower”, which has been trending down over the past few years.

I coasted and then pushed one hundred feet or so to my turn into the neighborhood.

After coasting down the hill, I had nearly two blocks to push the scooter up hill and into the garage. By the time I arrived, I was sweating and winded.

I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I knew I was well into “middle age” and now had proof I was “over the hill” in more ways than one.

Pushing the scooter was a great reminder that an engine is only useful when it is running. If the engine is dead, the scooter quickly becomes a heavy burden, and a pain to maneuver.

This Sunday I am excited to share a similar truth when it comes to our spiritual life. Apart from Jesus, life is also burdensome and difficult to maneuver.

I am looking forward to studying the story of Jesus turning the water into wine from John 2:1-11. We will discover that during this inaugural sign, Jesus made the point that it takes more than imitation, we need transformation.

Simply following the example of Jesus is like pushing a dead scooter…we need His transforming presence to experience life as God intends.