This morning I read the following Tweet from @timkellernyc,

“Because a fish absorbs oxygen from water, not air, it is free only if it is restricted to water. If a fish is ‘freed’ from the river and put out on the grass to explore, its freedom to move and soon live is destroyed…Real freedom is finding the right [restrictions].”

I have thought of this multiple times today.

As followers of Jesus, we do not and cannot earn God’s favor by adhering to Biblical restrictions, however, like a fish, we will not look for freedom to express ourselves outside of our God-given values.

Too often as followers of Jesus, we choose to pursue happiness as defined by the world around us. Like a fish who looks at the beach with longing eyes, we seem to think that more money or a different relationship or entertainment or power will satisfy our deepest needs.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

So, how can we find happiness and fulfill the deepest longings of our heart?

The answer is not found in a thing or an idea, rather, as we have discovered in our sermon series, “Discovering God” from the gospel of John, the answer is in Jesus. He is life and light.

Life with Jesus is satisfying, and at the same time very difficult. For this reason, God does not want us to take this journey alone.

While Jesus was on earth, He invested in disciples who in turn invested in disciples.