Over the past few weeks, we (especially Leigh-Ann) have had an encounter with an officer assigned to the US Embassy in Liberia.

This encounter has changed our lives and the life of the son we had hoped to adopt.

Unfortunately, the encounter has not been good. Mostly because we did not discover the protocol for international adoption until after we had already adopted Titus in the country of Liberia.

It was only when we began pursuing immigration to the United States, we learned that there could be a discrepancy in viewpoints for the interpretation of legal abandonment. Of course, Titus had been abandoned to an orphanage, but the subsequent legal filing for that abandonment was not in accordance with international law.

After doing our own research, there is no doubt that the spirit of the law is fully met with the orphan status of Titus, however, the letter of the law was missed.

If we could go back and make changes, no doubt, we would have followed the protocol and tonight we would still be planning for his arrival.

However, we learned of the protocol too late…but we have learned it.

And now we want to help others who may be pursuing the possibility of international adoption. We have learned how to fulfill the letter of the law and we are anxious to share what we know.

This Sunday, we continue our sermon series in the Gospel of John. Gabor Gresz will be sharing a sermon from John 1:43-51 entitled, “The work of the light in darkness.”

In these verses, some of the disciples had encountered the light of Jesus and they were changed. As a result, they were anxious to tell others.

Throughout our past week, you and I may have good encounters and we also may have encounters that are not so good. One truth we can trust is that when you and I encounter Jesus, we can expect Him to change our lives, in the best way.