Today I received a FaceTime call from our new son, Titus. He is quite the little guy and he wanted to show “daddy” his chicken.

There is something pretty amazing about looking into his eyes and hearing him tell me about his chicken.

It also seems that he is pretty excited about coming to ‘Murica to show the kids and I his chicken. As we talked today, I realized he really has no idea what his new life will be like when he comes to ‘Murica.

After hearing about the conditions in Liberia, I have no doubt he will experience some distinct advantages as a part of our family living here in KCMO.

To begin, he will be officially adopted which means he we have identical privileges to his five siblings. He will live in a much nicer home with plenty of first world amenities. He will also get a good education and plenty of life experience.

However, I don’t think he realizes that he will be leaving Liberia and life as he knows it. Which means he will no longer get to see his friends at the orphanage or play the familiar games or eat the Liberian food. He will most certainly miss “Ma G” and so many others who have sacrificed and poured into his life.

I will venture to say that coming to ‘Murica will be a much better life, however it will mean that he experiences a lot of change and even some loss.

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing a sermon from John 1:29-34. In these verses, John the Baptist answers the question of who is Jesus. Furthermore, while answering that question he describes what it means to be in relationship with Jesus.

When someone is in relationship with Jesus it means there is a new life. Similar to our current situation with Titus, it will require some adjustment. There was a time when even John the Baptist wondered if Jesus was really the promised Messiah. We will discover that he was given assurance. And you can be sure that if you have similar doubt, you can also be given assurance.

I hope to see you on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:45 am. In the meantime, please pray with us for the final details regarding our adoption to come together. Pretty soon, he can show you his chicken too.