Oreo’s and Milk

A favorite snack for most people in our household is Oreo cookies and milk. I say most because we have one child who doesn’t like to dip Oreo’s in milk.

I’ll leave it up to you to guess the identity of that child. The only hint I will give is that it could relate to this child’s personality.

Why do most normal, human beings love Oreo’s more with milk?

I googled it to find an answer: The result was that cookies (generally speaking) released more cookie flavor and aroma when dunked.

Makes sense…while eating an Oreo dry is not the worst (especially if you break it apart and eat the exterior first and save the middle frosting for last), it can be a bit dry.

When dipped in milk, the crusty exterior of the Oreo softens and is melded into a mouth-watering bite.

Similar to Oreo’s and milk, some things are better together…such as grace and truth.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave is preaching a sermon entitled, “The Glory of Grace and Truth” from John 1:14-18. We will discover that Jesus embodied grace and truth and apart from Him, we cannot have the life we want or were meant to have.

After reading this you may dig in the pantry for some Oreo’s and look in the refrigerator for some milk to enjoy a great snack, but I really hope you mark down Sunday at 9:00 or 10:45am in your calendar and plan to attend the service on Sunday to learn more about Jesus, grace and truth.

In case you’re wondering, Jesus, is even better than Oreo’s and milk.

I hope to see you Sunday,