Discovering God

As a family, we are in the thick of soccer season. This means multiple practices and games, which also means multiple drop-offs and pickups. Our club not only has uniforms for games, they also have uniforms for training.

This could provide a challenge. For instance, our girls practice with 15-20 others girls who are mostly the same size, have a ponytail, identical socks, shorts, and shirts. Many of their shoes even match.

For the average person, going to the field, this could prove to be difficult.

Not for me.

I can tell my kids by how they run, move and carry themselves. Even from a long distance, I can typically tell my kids within a few steps.


I have known and observed them from birth.

Similar to my search for the kids at a game or a practice, our world is in search of God. Some know this, while others simply know they are missing something in their lives.

In his Gospel account, the Apostle John helps us in the search for God. Through his writing, John reveals who God is and how to know Him. He writes from an intimate point of view…as one who has come to know God personally through Jesus.

This is the beginning of a sermon series that will take us verse by verse through the Gospel of John. In this incredible book, written by the beloved disciple, we are shown God in plain sight.

Similar to how I see my kids on the soccer field, we will see God active throughout every part of our lives. I am really looking forward to Pastor Dave’s sermon this Sunday from John 1:1-5, “Encountering the Face of God.”