Several weeks ago I noticed that the leaves on our apple trees had started to turn brown. I let it go a few days thinking that it was the hot, dry weather that was causing the problem.

One day I decided to walk over closer to see what exactly was going on and I noticed bugs all over the trees.

I immediately googled it and somehow discovered the culprit was a small country of Japanese Beatles.

I went to the store, purchased a powder that promised to cure the trees and it worked. As soon as I covered the trees, they couldn’t leave fast enough.

Some of them flew, others dropped, and one way or another, they were gone.

In total, over the five trees, there were probably hundreds of Japanese Beetles that I evicted that fateful afternoon.

To be honest, I kind of took it personally. Those are our trees and those pesky beetles had no right to perch there or eat.

Sometimes I think Christians can be accused of similar behavior. We see how the world around us is ruining our lives and so we spray out some truth to evict non-Christians from our lives. Although we may have the truth, we miss out on the love and as a result, we may destroy relationships.

This Sunday, we are going to study the final promise we make to our fellow New Lifers. We promise to reach out to our community and the world. I am looking forward to studying from the lives of Priscilla and Aquila and learning how they committed to loving out their faith.

I hope to see you either at 9:00 or 10:45 am. You may even want to invite a friend to join you.