Working Together

One of our favorite games to play as a family is giant Jenga. In case you haven’t heard of Jenga, the game is played with a tower of wood blocks. The object is to take out one block from the tower and place it on top.

At first, it’s pretty simple, but as more and more blocks are removed from the structure and placed on top, the more unstable the tower becomes.

After a while, the tension builds as every block is removed. Then there is that moment when the balance is tipped and the tower crashes to the ground.

Instead of having one winner, there is actually just one loser. And in the game of Jenga, you are the loser if the tower falls during your turn.

Another game we like to play at our house is Lincoln Logs. This is much different than Jenga because the object is to build a solid structure that will not fall down.

When it comes to churches, some are like Lincoln Logs and others like a giant Jenga tower.

Some churches crash after time and others are solid for many years.

Of course, our prayer for New Life CityChurch is that we would be a Lincoln Log church. One that can withstand external and at times internal stresses and still stand strong.

This Sunday, we won’t be playing Jenga, but we will study the promise we have made to each other to strive for unity with our church family.

I look forward to sharing an example from the life of Barnabas as we follow his journey in the book of Acts. If you would like to do some advance reading, you might consider reading the end of Acts 4 and Acts 11.

I look forward to encouraging you to be like a Lincoln Log church and to continue to live out your faith with your fellow New Lifers, God wants to use us.