$.49 Quik Trip Cones

Earlier this summer our family discovered $.49 ice cream cones at Quik Trip. When you have five kids and the summertime heat index seems to push 100 almost every day, a simple ice cream cone can be the difference between whining and winning :).

For less than the price of a medium coffee, our entire family can experience love at first sight.

So, one thing I admire about our kids is that when they find something great, like $.49 cones at Quik Trip, they love to share it with others.

A few weeks ago, we were rained out at the pool and they had invited a friend, so they suggested that $.49 cones could make everything better. They were right!

When their cousins drove into town yesterday, one of the first suggestions for family entertainment was to find some $.49 Quik Trip cones.

So why do we like $.49 Quik Trip cones?

They cool us down, they taste great, they give everyone a sugar high and put a smile on our faces. Even when one of the crew spills…everyone seems happy to jump in to help clean it up.


Because $.49 Quik Trip cones put kids in good moods and as far as I know they cure cancer and increase life expectancy rates considerably…just kidding.

The point is that when we experience something great, we will naturally share it.

So as Christians, why do we struggle with sharing our faith at times?

Well, that is your own question to answer, but I look forward to providing some insight out of 2 Corinthians 4:1-7 on Sunday. I promise I’m not going to beat anyone over the head about how awful Christians can be at sharing our faith.

Honestly, I think you will be encouraged…and look forward to seeing opportunities to share Jesus…maybe even as much as we love to share about $.49 Quik Trip cones.

Well, after writing this, I think I need to go get a cone myself…have a great weekend and I hope to see you at 9:00 or 10:45 am on Sunday.