Who Cares?

What does it mean to care for someone? And, why is it important for you and I to care?

These are questions that we’ll address on Sunday when we begin a new series entitled, “What if the Church Loves KC?” Specifically, we will study from John 13, where we read about Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.

While He was on earth, Jesus was constantly caring for people around Him.

So what does it look like for you and I to care for people? I can share from experience…

Yesterday, while I was away with Alexa, my daughter Sophia (and her brothers) gave me a lesson in caring.

Recently, a good friend gave us some extra coaching gear for soccer. Sophie took it upon herself to inventory, wash, organize and compile the gear into a bag for each car.

The project took several hours from start to finish. Sophia spent time in the hot sun planning and organizing everything. When the project was completed I had 4 FaceTime calls in a row before I realized she was trying to reach me.

She was super excited to share all about the caring project.

I must say that it was an awesome surprise and I am very thankful to have the equipment cleaned and organized for this upcoming soccer season.

However, what warmed my heart the most was that my daughter thought about my needs and then sacrificed her day to work hard on her own to serve those needs.

She really does take after her mom :)…

What do you think would happen if New Life CityChurch cared about the people around us like Sophia cared for me…or Jesus cared for His disciples?

I believe it’s going to happen and I can’t wait to share more on Sunday. I hope to see you at either 9:00 or 10:45 am.

Maybe you can get a head start on caring for someone special tonight, Have a great evening,