This past week, our family got away for some time of rest and relaxation, and also, to plan out the next few months ahead. One of those days, we were on a boat tubing for several hours. Towards the end of our time, I was driving the boat while 2 of my boys were tubing. One of them flew off around the corner, and as I slowed down to pick him, the other boy stood up on the tube, taunting me that I couldn’t throw him off the tube. Not realizing our oldest was standing on the back of the boat, getting ready to pull in the tube, I gunned the engine. Instead of throwing my son off, I threw my daughter off. That’s not the worst of it. Somehow, the rope had wrapped around her arm, and in a split second, she was dumped into the water and had a nasty rope burn and bruise to go with it.

I felt terrible…and so did everyone on the boat.

Lexi was definitely shaken up by the whole experience, as were the moms on the boat. I gave her a wet hug and helped her ice her injuries. I also promised her that she could pick out whatever she wanted at the gift shop, to which she replied: “I’ll take something from the outlet mall here instead, thanks.”

This experience, although scary, was a great reminder to me of how the family can hold together. And even in spite of the accident, Lexi was kind enough to show grace and forgiveness, while everyone else stepped up to help her.

This Sunday, I am looking forward to hearing from Jason Parr, as he will share from 1 Corinthians 3:1-7, 16,17. As a church family, we are privileged to not only serve each other but to serve with each other, through all the circumstances that life brings us. In addition to Jason delivering the sermon, we are excited to install Jason formally as the newest member of New Life CityChurch’s elder team.

I hope to see you Sunday at 9 or 10:45 AM. (And in case you’re wondering, I did get my taunting son off the tube! LOL). Have a great weekend,