The way life is meant to be

This past week, Leigh-Ann and I took the train to Chicago to celebrate the big 4-0! We arrived on time, made it to our hotel, went to Navy Pier, took a walk on the lakeshore, shopped, ate dessert on the 96th floor, took pics at the bean, took in a free Symphony rehearsal, explored, ate and then after 24 hours in Chicago, hopped on the train and waited….and waited….and waited.

We finally left Union Station in Chicago four hours late and arrived in KC nearly six hours late.

Word on the street is that we didn’t have an Engineer to drive the train…how hard can it be?

I am joking of course, but as I consider our train ride to Chicago, I would say it was a success. And up until the final delay was convinced I would do it again. However, after the delay, which led to spending the night with what I would consider the average line at Wal-Mart…I’m not convinced.

There were hundreds of details that came together to make this trip memorable and successful. There was one detail that made it questionable.

It seems the journey of life is like this. We may have hundreds of successes and only a handful of failures, however, those failures carry much greater influence on our legacy than the successes.

So how should this affect our lives?

Of course, we can’t live in fear of a failure. So how can we live so that at the end of our lives, we leave a legacy of success in the eyes of God as well as our family and friends?

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing some thoughts from Psalm 100 about living the way life is meant to be. Life is a journey and we each have a responsibility to live out our God-given purpose. In short, we will see from five short verses that if we are going have a successful life journey, we must know God, love God and serve God.