Amazing Resource

Over the course of my short life…only 42 years so far…I have discovered one of the greatest resources in the world.

In case you’re guessing, it is not natural gas, the iPhone or Google.

I think one of the greatest resources in the world is…

…a woman’s purse.

Especially, Leigh-Ann’s.

A quick look will reveal anything from credit/debit cards, band-aids, tissue, lotion, medicine, clippers, pens, her phone, snacks for the kids, vitamins, cough drops, gum…you get the point.

In fact, I often wonder what would happen if it were dumped out…I think the contents would fill a small SUV.

Since it is always with her, I can think of many occasions when Leigh-Ann’s purse has brought us through any sort of emergencies.

This Sunday, I look forward to talking about something that I think is an even greater resource than Leigh-Ann’s purse….the entire book of 1 Peter.

It is hard to believe but we are in the final week of our sermon series through First Peter. We will complete the series from 1 Peter 5:12-14 with an emphasis on the fact that First Peter is a tremendous resource for life.

If you are struggling with pain or suffering, First Peter can help. If your faith is running thin, First Peter is an excellent resource. If you have questioned the goodness of God, again First Peter is your go to.

I can’t wait to dig in one final time this Sunday at 9:00 and 10:45 am.