Flat Tire

Riding scooters is one of our family’s favorite things to do during this nice, warm weather. There is something very invigorating about feeling the breeze as we cruise around town.

Until, of course, those scooters stop running.

This past week, one of our scooter tires sprung a leak. After looking closely at the flat tire, I discovered that I had run over a staple.

I am intrigued by the obvious truth that something as small and minuscule as a staple, can puncture a tire, leaving the scooter stranded.

I would imagine that over the course of a typical trip to Lamar’s Doughnuts with my youngest, we run over many different objects such as rocks, gravel, glass and the occasional nail or staple.

Seldom does the sharp object find its way into the tire, but when it does, riding is officially over until it is fixed.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave is planning to share a sermon from 1 Peter 5:6-9 with a call for each of us to live alertly. Similar to the threat of sharp objects on the street that I experience while riding the scooter, we will experience potential threats to our spiritual life as well.

No matter where we live or what we do, we will experience an attack on our spiritual life at some time, and this Sunday I look forward to hearing how to resist and defend against those spiritual attacks. I hope to see you at either 9:00 or 10:45 am.