Tornado Sirens

On Wednesday evening shortly after we put the kids to bed, we heard the tornado sirens….and eventually, everyone ended up in the basement. When it comes to tornado warnings, our family is split down the middle. Half of us move directly to the safest area immediately while the other half is pretty laid back.

A few days ago there were no exceptions. Two of the kids and one of the adults (I’ll let you guess who) moved downstairs immediately complete with shoes just in case we had to make a run for it. The other half of the family, begrudgingly meandered downstairs, a bit frustrated that a natural disaster could disrupt our plans for the evening.

While a part of our family talked about scary possibilities, the others wanted to skip the exercise altogether.

In spite of our various personalities, I imagine that if in fact any one of us had ever experienced a tornado, we would be forever impacted. I spoke with a few people who have actually survived a serious tornado and they would most definitely be in the group that takes natural disasters seriously. They would move swiftly to the safest possible area.

The reason is they have watched the power of a tornado firsthand. They have experienced roofs being taken off of houses with unbelievable power.

They would be the first to tell you that no person in the world is a match for the power in a tornado.

This Sunday, Pastor James is going to share a sermon from 1 Peter 5:5 on the topic of humility. Similar to those who have experienced a tornado, those of us who have experienced God working in our lives and the lives of others are naturally humbled by His power.

We make the choice to respect God’s power as superior to our own strength and this is exactly where we are called to live. Our decisions are no longer filtered through our own greatest desires, but rather through the will of God. So, when it comes to tornadoes, it is always best to find shelter immediately and when it comes to the power of God, it is also best to drop to our knees and humbly find shelter under His authority.

I am thankful there were no serious injuries reported as a result of the tornado and pray for continued safety. I also look forward to hearing more about God’s work in our lives to keep us humble before Him. There is much more to discuss with regard to humility, and if you can attend New Life on Sunday at either 9:00 or 10:45 am I would love to see you then.