Run Troy, Run

I am a runner.

And actually a pretty sorry one at that…

In a good week, I will get out 1-2x per week. Here is what this looks like…I will receive a text from a friend and running partner the night before. I will wait for a few hours to make sure there isn’t a good reason to decline. I will set my alarm for zero dark thirty and go to bed mentally preparing myself for what lies ahead.

My alarm will shake me out of my sleep and I will roll out of bed, put on some running clothes, fill my water bottle and walk out the door to meet for the run.

I will stretch and complain about the fact that I don’t run enough. Then we will take off…

During mile number one my body is angry with me…similar to how you feel when a mosquito is buzzing in your ear. My joints will be testy and my lungs will tighten up.

By mile number two, my body starts to warm up and get used to the idea that I am pushing it to move far outside of its comfort zone.

Heading into mile number three, my mind begins to provide reasons to stop…just for a little while…maybe even walk a few blocks.

I resist.

The battle rages on…this past Wednesday I was faced with plenty of options. My knees hurt, my lungs were about to burst, my muscles were sore and my legs felt like lead weights.

The only way to continue on was to envision the end of the run. I kept telling myself to put one foot in front of the other and shortly, I would reach the end.

I did finally push my out of shape body to the end and for the rest of the day, felt great about finishing.

My lungs felt better, my muscles were sore in a good way and mentally I would say I was more alert. If you are a runner you might relate…

This Sunday, we are going to talk about a race from Hebrews 12:1-2. Simply stated, the writer of Hebrews compares our Christian life to a race that we must run.

Within our Scripture, we are given three motivations to keep running. So, if you have been feeling pain or have questioned your faith recently, I think this will be a great Sunday to come to church. You are welcome at either 9:00 am or 10:45 am.