Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join a few friends and attend a luncheon for pastors introducing Faith and Family Day at the K for 2018. There were a few hundred pastors who met at Kauffman Stadium for some good food and instructions about the event.

However, the reason I have faithfully attended this luncheon for the past several years is Dayton Moore, the GM for the KC Royals makes an appearance to talk about Faith and Family Day.

This is significant for several reasons. Dayton Moore has an incredibly strong and courageous faith in God. Listening to him share about some of the ways he has had to practice his faith was inspiring to say the least.
Dayton Moore is also an incredible leader. He has a clear vision for the Baseball team and is confident in the path he has chosen to fulfill the vision.

But I think the best part of the luncheon is hearing people ask him questions about anything ranging from specific ways he shares his faith to questions about the team. Someone even asked if we were planning to keep Moose or trade him.

He told us not to tell….J/K.

There is something exciting about the beginning of the baseball season. Every Major League Baseball team will have 168 regular season games and then the top ten will make the playoffs.

Each team begins with the hope that they will be the next World Series Champion. Imagine what it would be like if you could look ahead and know that your team was going to win. Imagine how it would affect those days when you lose a close game in the final innings. It would be painful, but you would still have confidence that in spite of the loss you would still win the season.

The death and resurrection provide us hope and confidence that in the end, those who are followers of Jesus will emerge victoriously. Jesus has conquered death and shares the victory with each of His followers.

This Sunday, Pastor James will continue our sermon series, “The Cross :: God’s Best with a message from Ephesians 2:11-22 about the fact that beyond the cross, we have been given hope.

The hope we have been given can make the worst days manageable and the greatest tragedies acceptable.

We have so much to celebrate, I hope to see you on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:45 am.

And, Go Royals!