Spring is Here

Some people say that Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year.” I think I could make an argument for Spring.

For the past few weeks, I have been looking forward to seeing buds, flowers, and leaves on the trees. I am excited to watch the brown grass turn green. And yes, I actually enjoy mowing the lawn.

After a cold Winter, Spring brings light and life.

Spring for me is the time of year when the sun is shining with a warm breeze, smiles are abundant and hope is brimming.

Spring is also the time of year when we celebrate Easter. After Jesus died on the cross and was put into a borrowed tomb, everything seemed to go silent.

The closest family members and friends of Jesus were sad, tired and bewildered.

And then….it happened.

Those same friends and family members went to the tomb…and it was empty. The stone that had been sealing the tomb had been rolled away and an Angel let them know, “He is not here, He is risen!”

Life had defeated death. Hope had consumed doubt. Jesus had risen in victory.

Last week at New Life, we began a six week series entitled, “The Cross :: God’s Best” by studying God’s plan that was in place long before the cross.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave will share a sermon about the deep, rich love shown by Jesus on the cross from Psalm 22 entitled, “Jesus’ Dying Thoughts.”

Spring is an amazing time of year for anyone to enjoy blooming flowers and singing birds, but for Christians, Spring holds an even deeper meaning. Spring is the time our Savior took our sins on Himself on the cross, spent three days in the grave and then arose in victory over sin and death.

Let’s celebrate this Sunday. And now you can attend at 9:00 am or 10:45 am.