They said what?

This is a big weekend for our girls to play soccer. They are each headed off to play against competition from other parts of the country. And since traveling these distances are not customary, this is a big deal for each of them. They have worked hard and now they are able to enjoy some of that hard work paying off.

Soooo, we have spent a bit more time talking together about the upcoming trips and Leigh-Ann encouraged the boys to write notes to their sisters.

Which they did…

If you notice the attached pics of those notes, you will discover that they are covered with personal drawings and inspiration.

There are pictures of airplanes, soccer fields, hotels along with other sketches and scribbles. Regarding the inspiration, there are statements such as, “play together”, “play hard”, “work hard” and “relax harder-lol.”
If you look closely at each of the pics you will see that one of the boys wrote, “don’t suck.”

Hmmmm….what stranger is teaching them to talk like that???


Although it reflects a bit of our parenting philosophy…it may not be the greatest choice of inspiration before they head off to a big weekend.

There have been many moments when we have done our best to encourage them to do their best and play for a cause bigger than themselves. In addition, before nearly every game, we pray with them that they would use their talents to point to God.

However, there have been times when we have felt the need to simply tell them to get their head on straight, play hard and yes, we probably have said, “don’t suck.” Maybe it’s a low bar…but no parent wants to watch their kid blow the game-lol.

We have learned that the girls respond best to positive encouragement about playing for their team, their family, and the Lord. However, there are still times when they need to hear the basic, “don’t suck” speech.

This Sunday, we continue our series, “Exiles-Between two worlds,” with a study of 1 Peter 4:7-11. Peter has been using a similar methodology to our parenting. In fact, in the first verses of 1 Peter 4, Peter is telling the scattered Christians that they shouldn’t live the rest of their time in the flesh, pursuing debauchery (i.e. “don’t suck”). Rather, they are called to a much higher calling, to bring glory to God.

So, I can’t guarantee how the girls will play this weekend (I’m pretty sure they will do great), but I can tell you that this Sunday, I will share a sermon that points us to our purpose for living and should guide us through each decision that we make along the journey of life. It’s a positive and encouraging message.